Lot 374: Tokyo Arsenal Baby Nambu Pistol 7 mm Nambu

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Japanese Type 14 Nambu Pistol 19.4 date #455

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This Nambu was manufactured under Nagoya Arsenal supervision at the Kokubunji factory in May It has good bluing and is in very good shape overall.

The Type A and B Nambus were never formally adopted by any branch of the armed forces of Imperial Japan but were sold to officers through officer stores. Burt Gummer had one in his collection. The “Type 14 Nambu” was designed in with the goal of simplifying manufacturing to reduce cost. It was chambered for the 8mm Nambu cartridge and held eight rounds in the single-stack magazine.

It was officially adopted for issue to non-commissioned officers in the Japanese Army in and was available for purchase by officers. The Type 14 was an improved version of the Type A Nambu. As many as , Type 14s were possibly produced.

Nambu Type 14

Erfurt Luger I got my first luger 3 months ago. Army “Test Eagle” Luger in 7. Model: Luger. Finish on this model is rough; as war progressed in and finish got worse. History, development, specifications, statistics, pictures and 3d model.

B) Type 14 Nambu Pistol Dated “” October (Showa). Manufacturer: Japanese C) Type 94 Pistol Date “” November Showa. Manufacturer.

Kijiro Nambu was the youngest son born to the former samurai clan, Nabeshima. Although he was born to this samurai family he was raised by a local merchant. He then carried these skills to his adult years where by age 20 he became a cadet in the Imperial Japanese Army Academy. Three years later he was a commissioned Lieutenant in the artillery division. As a Lieutenant in the artillery, he was assigned to the Tokyo Arsenal to work under weapons designer, Nariakira Arisaka, on the type 30 rifle project.

After working under Arisaka for a few years he was promoted to Major where he was charged with the development of a semi-automatic pistol for the Japanese military. His first version was completed in , and was named the Nambu after Kijiro himself. This 8mm pistol was referred to the Type A model, of which we now call the Grandpa Nambu. Unfortunately, there were many design issues that came along with this first variation which lead Kijiro to create the Type B, or Baby Nambu in

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type 94 nambu pistol.

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Alvarez Though some have called this the “worst pistol ever made”, in the context of it’s time and use it was certainly an acceptable pistol and performed everything that was required of it. Many of it’s characteristics were either derived from existing pistols of the period or dictated by it’s design requirements.

He is either directly responsible or helped design many of the weapons in wide spread use by Imperial Japan during WWII including pistols and light machineguns.

Erfurt Luger Thread starter DONALDG-HOG; Start date Oct 13, Luger WWI German Pistol / Erfurt 9mm S/N Description: / Erfurt Read Handguns Of WWII Part 2: Japanese Type 14 8MM Nambu.

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Baby Nambu

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/01/17 – A very early date (February ) large trigger guard 8mm Japanese Type 14 Nambu pistol made by the Nagoya Arsenal, with two matching​.

Gun is used but like new. Some ouster wear at muzzle. Blued,rubber grips. Cash only […]. Like new, chrome lined, exceptional quality. Also comes with the Vortex flip-up covers.

Rare ww2 guns

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FELLOW COLLECTORS, this is the sixth complete list of Nambu Type 94 and Type and the Type 14 Nagoya Nambu list has two ranges for the off-dates.

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